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Dr David Nicholls


Dr David Nicholls is a dermatologist who specialises in all disorders of the skin, hair and nails. Much of his work involves assessing moles and removing skin cancers. Among other conditions, he is also able to assist those suffering from acne, achieving permanent, visible improvement in significant numbers of patients.

Dr Nicholls qualified in medicine from Otago University Medical School, where he was the top student in dermatology. After graduation, he spent several years studying internal medicine before turning to dermatology. He undertook dermatology training in Dunedin, Auckland and London. In London he worked at the prestigious St John’s Hospital for Diseases of the Skin, St Thomas’ Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children at Great Ormond Street. He also did research in tropical diseases while in London. He was the first New Zealander in over 30 years to be given the post of Overseas Registrar at St John’s Hospital for Diseases of the Skin.

Dr Nicholls returned to New Zealand to practice dermatology in Christchurch. He worked both in private practice and as a consultant dermatologist at Christchurch Hospital, until 2003. He has lectured in dermatology at the Christchurch Clinical School. In recent years he has held the post of Senior Clinical Lecturer in pathology at the Christchurch Clinical School.

He has written on dermatology for both the public and doctors, and has published numerous papers in peer reviewed medical journals.

Besides general dermatology, Dr Nicholls has a number of interests within the field including:

  • Dermatological surgery
  • Skin cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Specialist assessment of moles, including early detection and surgery for melanoma
  • Acne treatment
  • Botulinum toxin for frown lines and wrinkles

Tina Nicholls RN.

Cosmetic Dermatology Nurse

Tina Nicholls is a cosmetic dermatology nurse who provides skin maintenance and enhancement therapies designed to preserve the youthful appearance of the skin and minimise the effects of scarring, sun damage and aging. Treatments offered include dermal fillers, facial and body peels, Dermapen™ and Dysport™ (botulinum A toxin). All the treatments are offered under the supervision of Dr David Nicholls, dermatologist.

Tina Nicholls is a registered nurse, having trained in Christchurch at the School of Nursing. Her work experience has included Emergency, ICU and theatre nursing for two years at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, before joining her husband as a surgical and cosmetic dermatology nurse. She has a BSc degree from Canterbury University as well as the NZRN qualification.

Her areas of expertise include injecting dermal fillers to correct facial lines/ scars, and enhancement of the lip edge. She also administers botulinum therapy (a British brand, Dysport™ botulinum A toxin) for frown and squint lines.

Face and body peels are also a specialty. Tina imports PCA Skin® (Physician’s Choice of Arizona) peels which give outstanding results after a course of treatments. She also stocks a small selection of PCA Skin® care products.

General advice on skin care and product use is also offered, including the use of retinoid cream for facial rejuvenation.

Tina’s practice emphasises products that deliver what they promise, at an affordable cost. As a woman practitioner with 20 years’ experience in cosmetic dermatology, Tina is in a unique position to offer advice and treatment for your cosmetic skin problem, and is able to seek Dr Nicholls’ advice and/or assistance when required.